The wheels are turning

A new generation of grinding wheels, called SKYTEC PCD-Basic+, has been introduced by Tyrolit designed specifically for the manufacture of PCD and CBN indexable cutting inserts. The wheels are said to satisfy the twin demands for increased component quality at ever more competitive prices.

One of the features of the PCD and CBN sector is the growing number of materials being used to produce cutting tools. All have stringent conditions regarding quality and geometry, along with a need for minimal chipping when the inserts are in use. Tyrolit’s new grinding wheels have the ability to fulfil these requirements.

The innovative bond of SKYTEC PCD-Basic+ offers high porosity and good profile retention while maintaining hardness – both critical for process stability during tool grinding. Excellent edge quality with low levels of cutting edge chipping result, typically less than 10µm, depending on the type of PCD/CBN and grit size.

Higher stock removal rates lead to a reduction in grinding times and longer intervals between dressing, which is easy to perform using a silicon carbide wheel followed by sharpening with vitrified aluminium oxide to expose the diamond grit. The wheel’s high porosity also significantly improves cooling, prolonging tool life and further increasing productivity.

There are nearly 100 cup shaped wheels from 125mm to 400mm diameter and cylindrical wheels from 40mm to 400mm diameter in the product programme for use on EWAG, Coborn, Wendt and Agathon grinding machines.



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