A gripping Rego-Fix offer from M.A. Ford Europe

As a Rego-Fix authorised UK distributor, M.A. Ford Europe is celebrating the Swiss tool holding specialist’s 70th anniversary by creating a special ‘starter package’ offer, which includes a manual powRgrip hydraulic tool clamping system press, five holders and collets, plus a choice of high performance end mills for £3,999.

Seven different starter package options are available, which enables them to be used with tool shank diameters from 3mm to 16mm and different machine spindle types, including BT30; BT40 and SK40, as well as HSK-E 40 and HSK-A 63. The Rego-Fix system allows HA and HB Weldon shanks to be used, as standard.

Users can also select a free high performance end mill kit from the M.A. Ford Europe range, as part of the package, and can choose from either a VMH end mill for machining steel and stainless steel or a TuffCut X-AL 137V for use with aluminium. Both are available in diameters from 6mm to 12mm.

As the Rego-Fix powRgrip system uses precision machined collets and holders to grip tooling securely and accurately, they can double the transferable torque over other systems and achieve run-out figures of less than 3µm, which minimises vibration and leads to increased tool life.

Rego-Fix holders are guaranteed for life under normal use of 20,000 insertion and extraction cycles whilst the use of its secuRgrip option with HB tool shanks gives 100% security against tool pull-out.

M.A. Ford Europe’s sales director, Stephen James, explains: “Rego-Fix helps extract the maximum performance from cutting tools; whether that’s speed and productivity improvements or increasing tool life, when compared like for like against other specialised tool holding solutions.

“This unprecedented package offer will enable more manufacturers to experience the benefits of Rego-Fix at an extremely attractive price and with support from M.A. Ford Europe.”

M.A. Ford Europe www.mafordeurope.com



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