Inspection software leaps ahead

Metrology expert Aberlink has launched the latest edition of its mk4 inspection software, version 4.18. 

Existing Aberlink customers are encouraged to visit the company’s website to download the latest version of the mk4 software for their CMMs completely free of charge.   

Major enhancements to the software include the Leapfrog function – originally requested by articulating arm manufacturers favouring Aberlink software instead of their own. Leapfrog is ideal for manual and CNC CMMs. 

If a part is bigger than the axis-travel of the CMM, now it can be measured as two or more entities and then mated together using the Leapfrog function. Once mated as a complete inspection program, various inspection reports can be generated according to the customer’s requirements. Leapfrog enables customers to inspect larger parts on a smaller machine, keeping capital investment to a minimum and future proofing their current investment in Aberlink CMMs.

Another development in the software offering is RPS alignment. Commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries, RPS alignment in v4.18 has been improved and simplified. Measured features can be quickly and easily constrained in the XYZ axes and RPS coordinates applied accordingly.

The Aberlink software executes a quick iterative process to determine the best RPS alignment. Deviations in the XYZ measured points to the RPS alignment are shown so that the measured point positions can be optimised to obtain the best possible alignment.

A third enhancement to Aberlink’s software is Lobing calibration. Touch-trigger probes can suffer from pre-travel variation, commonly known as lobing. This is the bending of long styli when in contact with the part before the touch probe detects the point of contact and reads the XYZ coordinates of the CMM.

It is now possible to calibrate a long stylus and compensate for the lobing effect. This results in a significant improvement in measurement when having to use long styli, beyond the touch probe manufacturer’s guidelines, to measure size and form of tight tolerance features.

Lastly, Tool Offset Compensation is included in the mk4 software update. It is now possible to assign a tool offset correction value or workpiece coordinate (WPC) correction value to a single or multiple measured features controlled by a tool offset or WPC. 

Completely embedded in the feature measurement information, a tool offset or WPC can be assigned to a measured feature. The nominal value is taken from the value set in the dimension information so that the deviation (correction value) from nominal can be automatically calculated. 

Users can either manually input the correction values, or fully automatically update a machine tool control system through an Aberlink machine tool control interface. When used in conjunction with the interface, it is now possible to measure parts on an Aberlink CMM in a 24/7 unmanned and completely autonomous manufacturing cell.

Aberlink is exhibiting at the MACH exhibition in Hall 19, Stand 419.




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