Bending the profile boundaries

Addison Tube Division, the specialist tube bending technologies arm of Addison Saws, has been appointed as the sole UK distributor of PBT AG’s CNC profile bending machines.

Swiss-based PBT is a leading name in high-performance profile bending technologies for aluminium, stainless steel and steel profiles. Its machines are used across a large number of sectors, including automotive manufacturing, construction, aerospace, the windows industry, and furniture making.

“We are extremely pleased to have secured the UK distributor rights for PBT’s internationally recognised profile bending technologies,” comments Addison Group managing director, Gary Knight. “In appointing us, PBT identified closely with our ethos of helping customers find the very best solutions to their manufacturing challenges, through technologies sourced from the global market place, and all supported by the highest levels of customer service. PBT’s machines will dovetail perfectly with our tube bending and end forming technologies from leading Taiwanese manufacturer, CSM.”

Employing high levels of functionality and triple-roller bending technology, PBT machines cold-form both aluminium and steel profiles in an energy efficient manner. PBT profile bending technologies range from the Arkus 12 – a compact, powerful machine that bends even the smallest aluminium and steel profiles to tight radii – to larger, heavy-duty machines such as the PBT35 and Helix models which are suited to more challenging applications, including profiles for use in plant and vehicle manufacturing, materials handling, construction and architectural needs. PBT also builds bespoke profile bending machines to meet the most demanding of manufacturing requirements.

“The PBT Arkus 12 profile bender has already generated considerable interest from Addison customers across the automotive, windows, technology and metal manufacturing sectors,” Mr Knight adds. “I am convinced that its ability to produce particularly delicate profiles using either steel or aluminium, combined with uncompromising reliability, repeatability and accuracy, will open up exciting new opportunities for many of our customers.”

With the addition of PBT machines to its range, Addison Tube Division now offers one of the most extensive choices of profile bending, mandrel and non-mandrel tube bending machines in the UK. Addison’s CSM tube benders include basic 3-axis hydraulic models through to highly sophisticated, 11-axis all-electric machines.

The CSM 100TDRE-RBE, a 5-axis, double stack electric hybrid tube bender with electric boost, is able to produce tight radius thin-wall 1 x D bends on larger diameter stainless steel tube – a requirement that is increasingly being demanded by first and second tier exhaust and catalytic converter manufacturers.

With a carefully selected range of tube forming technologies, Addison Tube Division claims it offers the accuracy, repeatability and reliability that manufacturing industry demands. The technologies available from the division include CNC all-electric tube and profile bending machines, CNC and NC hydraulic tube and profile bending machines, precision tube end forming machines and CNC wire bending technologies.

The sectors served by Addison’s tube forming technologies include the automotive industry; high-performance exhaust, DPS and catalytic converter manufacturing; aviation; shipbuilding; street furniture production; dairy equipment, windows and furniture making; HVAC, as well as the oil and gas industries.

Addison Tube Division is an arm of metal cutting technology specialist Addison Saws. The Addison Group comprises Addison Saws and leading sawblade supply and re-manufacturing business, Dynashape.



Addison Saws

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