Automatic cleaning and laser marking speeds up tool manufacturing cycles

8302 laser marking
8302 laser marking

Tool inspection and manufacture has been made more efficient by the use of new cleaning and laser marking facilities on Walter’s Helicheck Plus and Helicheck Pro measuring machines’ robot loader system.

The developments mean that users can save valuable time by concurrently cleaning and marking tools outside of the measuring area, while the robot loader automatically loads/unloads the measuring machine.

A clean tool is essential for a valid measurement, says United Grinding Group member Walter Ewag UK, which markets the Helicheck range (as well as the Helitronic series of tool grinders/eroders) in the UK. Now, with the new modules, tools are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and subsequently dried in an air stream, which can be adapted to suit varying tool lengths.

After cleaning then measuring, high-quality tool marking by laser is performed; marking (without penetration) can be on the tool shaft/end face with static or dynamic data.

For complete flexibility, the robot loader for these Helicheck models can be specified with either or both cleaning and/or laser marking, or the modules can be individually retrofitted to existing, appropriately-configured robot loaders.

Walter Ewag UK


Walter EWAG

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