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The Wayland Calibur3 machine at Formnext
The Wayland Calibur3 machine at Formnext

Wayland Additive, the UK developer and manufacturer of the Calibur3 metal additive manufacturing (AM) system, reports it had a highly successful Formnext 2022 exhibition held earlier this month.

In addition, the company detected a building momentum behind the industrial use of metal AM processes, and a better-informed visitor base looking for pragmatic solutions for real industrial applications.

Will Richardson, CEO at Wayland said: “We commercially launched Calibur3 in 2021, and received an exceptional level of interest which we have built upon throughout 2022, with machines now being shipped to customers across the world.

“This year, however, it was really encouraging to see that an increasing number of visitors at Formnext were not coming to us simply to further understand how the technology works, but to see how the technology could solve application-specific issues. My perception is that this is driven by a number of factors. First, and most obviously, we have been around for another year, and more people know about the uniqueness of our NeuBeam process. Second, however, I think that the reaction to the supply chain challenges caused by global issues and the economic downturn, has greatly increased companies’ interest in localising manufacturing while still being able to innovate. AM plays to these key requirements. It does feel as if mainstream adoption is beginning for metal AM and the broader market is beginning to see its applicability and relevance.”

Wayland’s Calibur3 system featuring its NeuBeam process is aimed at difficult to process metals that opens up a range of application areas impossible for other metal AM processes to serve.

Peter Hansford, director of business development at Wayland added: “One of the key USPs of NeuBeam and Calibur3, is it opens up many new opportunities for production applications of metal AM. This is because of the unique high temperature capabilities of the NeuBeam process that offers a much wider palette of metal material options, including high carbon steels, which is a huge bonus for our clients.

“At Formnext, we received a significant volume of enquiries from companies looking to take advantage of our unique processing capabilities, a number approaching us with challenging applications from the aerospace, medical, energy, and mining sectors who before finding us had found it impossible to locate a metal AM process that could achieve their goals.”

Wayland Additive


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