Behringer extends its automatic bandsaw range

Behringer 13072021
Behringer 13072021

Behringer has introduced two new automatic horizontal bandsaws to its HBE range – the HBE1060A Performance and the HBE320-523GA for mitre cutting. PES takes a closer look.

Since its founding in 1919 in Kirchardt, Germany, Behringer has established itself as an innovation specialist. The company offers both bandsaw and circular saw machines as well as machine tools for the steel construction industry.

With the HBE Performance series, which sits alongside the HBE Dynamic range, Behringer is offering a particularly robust and powerful product line which can hold its own in harsh environments. Behringer is now extending this series with the largest model, the HBE1060A Performance.

With a cutting range of 1,060mm in round stock and 1,060 x 1,060mm for square material, the HBE1060A Performance can be used for a wide range of applications in steel distribution, machine building and toolmaking and steel finishing.

The HBE series: intelligent and flexible

Bar steel or solid materials made of non-ferrous metals or plastics, slabs, large pipes or profiles – the HBE1060A Performance covers a wide range of applications. As with the smaller models in the series (HBE663A and HBE860A), it offers impressive features which significantly improve process reliability during sawing.

The series is controlled via the user-friendly and easy-to-use BT65 touch control which provides maximum support to the user as they work. Once the material to be sawn has been selected from the extensive database, the auto feed control, which comes as standard, provides all the necessary technological values for the cutting speed and the servo-controlled feed.

Together with the cutting pressure control, which detects the cutting force on the back of the bandsaw blade, the cutting parameters are continuously adjusted in line with the current status of the bandsaw blade, providing effective protection against overload.

When it comes to sawing large diameters at slow feed speeds, the HBE1060A Performance servo feed system really excels compared to hydraulic systems. The steady feed movement provided by the ballscrew spindle and servo motor promotes constant chip removal and helps ensure a quiet and stable cutting process. This results in a machine with high cutting capacity and blade service life.

Impressive efficiency and low noise

Behringer uses self-produced vibration-dampening cast parts where it makes structural sense to do so. The sawing unit, supported by a torsion-resistant gantry structure, features bilateral double-wheel support.

So, not only does the HBE1060A Performance impress with its quiet running, precise cuts and gentle operation in regard to the bandsaw blade, it also delivers optimum quality. The inclined position of the bandwheels also helps protect the bandsaw blades as a result of reduced flexural stress.

Through its automatic guide arm, the bandsaw blade is always guided close to the cutting point, which is convenient when it comes to handling frequently changing material cross sections.

No-compromise energy efficiency

Rising energy prices mean that companies are rethinking their existing processes and drawing on technological innovations to develop new solutions for achieving greater output with less energy input.

Behringer HBE320-523GA automatic mitre cutting bandsaw

“With the new HBE Performance series, we are demonstrating that energy efficiency and powerful hydraulics are not mutually exclusive,” explains CEO Christian Behringer. “In doing so, and with modern, application-appropriate drives, we have been able to reduce the energy required by the machine by over 30% in comparison to its predecessors.”

Reliable, proven technology

In the HBE1060A Performance, Behringer has opted for on a wide chip conveyor with integrated coolant tank which is located under the funnel-shaped machine stand. Chips and coolant are therefore us reliably fed to the conveyor – which can be easily moved out of the machine for cleaning purposes. The ejection height of 800mm means that large chip containers can be used.

Even the bandsaw cleaning of the HBE1060A Performance has been taken to the next level. An electrically-powered brush effectively cleans away any chips that have adhered to the bandsaw blade. The quick-change device allows users to quickly change worn brushes without the need for any tools.

Functionality and design

The new full enclosure for the machine not only fulfils current CE directives, it also meets the growing demand for user-friendliness, occupational health and safety, and environmental protection.

The benefits are evident: a clean working environment and noise reduction combined with an optimal view into the machine. The maintenance-friendly concept enables easy bandsaw blade changeover without tools and excellent accessibility for maintenance or cleaning work.

The Behringer HBE320-523GA: high performance mitre cutting

Opening up new fields of business, extending the performance spectrum or replacing an old machine – these are among the most frequent reasons given by users for investing in an up-to-date, more efficient mitre sawing machine.

With the latest automatic machine from its HBE series, Behringer has combined the benefits of modern high-performance machines for one-off sawing tasks with the solid, tried and tested characteristics of a classic mitre saw.

“We deliberately integrated various features from our Behringer high-end models into this machine, raising the HBE HBE320-523GA into a class of its own,” says CEO Christian Behringer. “High cutting output, simple handling and precise angular cuts are among the key attributes of the new machine.”

With its extensive application spectrum, it covers the wide-ranging requirements of the steel construction sector and the steel trade. Potential users also include medium-sized operations in which the new automatic HBE would be required to run unmanned for part of the time.

“Process reliability and speed play a decisive role here,” Mr Behringer adds. “The machine must be capable of sawing a wide range of different materials rapidly and precisely. “With a cutting range in flat materials of 520 x 320mm, bilateral mitre cuts of 45° and up to 30° on the left orientation, this machine is the perfect all-rounder for all kinds of sawing operations.

“For reasons of cost and flexibility, profiles are generally purchased in starting lengths of up to 12m and then sawn to size. The new mitre cutting bandsaw is easily able to cope with both structural steels and stainless steel profiles.

In design terms, the new mitre saw has many features in common with the successful HBE Dynamic series. The guidance system in its torsionally rigid gantry design and the bilateral bandwheel bearings ensure quiet running and precise cuts.

The band guiding components are manufactured from vibration-damping grey cast iron, which has a highly positive impact on the quality of the cut surface, but also makes for a longer blade life. Electrically powered chip brushes clean the saw blade of adhering chips synchronously with the saw drive system – an added bonus in terms of process reliability.

The inclined position of the bandwheels helps prolong the life of bandsaw blades by reducing fatigue due to cyclical bending. A fully automatic height adjustment facility for the saw frame and lowering of the saw when in rapid traverse help keep non-productive time to a minimum.

The inclined position of the bandsaw blade allows components such as girders, angled steel and U profiles as well as hollow rectangular profiles to be sawn at higher speed and with less burrs. Additionally, the sawing unit is mounted for easy turning in generously dimensioned axial roller bearings and can be swivelled with a simple manual action. The closed material table simplifies material handling directly at the cutting point. The machine comes with a micro-spraying system as standard.

The machine can be supplemented as required with infeed and discharge roller conveyors, measuring devices and cross conveying systems, as well as NC angular adjustment. Behringer supplies these highly process-reliable customised transport solutions from its own in-house steel production facilities.



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