New blade grinder makes things simple

The processing of metalcutting saw blades has now been simplified even further with the recent arrival of the new Vollmer Loroch Evolution K850-M.

Taking over from its predecessor, the K850-M includes many new features to improve automation and operator experience.

When creating the new Evolution, Vollmer's aim was to develop an efficient, powerful and economical machine for grinding metalcutting saw blades that would suit the small to medium sized customer.

By consistently applying proven Loroch methodologies, this goal has been achieved. The K850-M incorporates a new CNC control unit that has a 19 inch touchscreen for intuitive programming that avoids faulty inputs and reduces set-up times. Blades can be programmed in a matter of minutes with data entry inputted directly at the machine on the large colour display that uses symbols inspired by smartphones.

As well as processing HSS saws, the new machine can grind solid carbide saws and friction saw blades with ease. The Loroch carves through a selection of blades thanks to its powerful direct drive grinding wheel configuration that reduces power loss and eliminates undesired vibration that can impact blade quality.

With manual and automatic processing an option, the operator can load a saw blade directly on the arbor in the magazine. Saw blades from 130 to 520mm diameter can be loaded in random order to suit production demands whilst manual loading will accommodate blades up to 850mm diameter.

To achieve this automated concept with differing bore dimensions, bore reducing rings can be used to create a common bore size. Manual sorting of the blades is not necessary, as the K850-M uses its automatic loading function to process the blades without the need for manual intervention.

PES_July16_NP_Sawing_Vollmer 1
The Evolution K850-M has been designed to deliver consistently high quality through automating the grinding process. Furthermore, with eight CNC controlled axes that include two simultaneously controlled axes, automated high-speed production is significantly enhanced. This automation reduces costs and creates an independence from the operator, which enables staff to conduct alternate tasks. By automating the operation, small blade processing shops can now conduct unmanned lights out processing without the cost of shift work.

The flexibility of the Evolution K850-M is another benefit with just one clamping flange required for blades from 130mm to 850mm diameter. Additionally, face and clearance angles can be adjusted quickly and easily using the innovative control panel. From a flexibility standpoint, additional tooth shapes and geometries can be installed via the Internet. This direct connection also provides remote diagnostic support as well as the latest tooth grinding geometries.

From a blade processing perspective, the Evolution K850-M can create a tooth pitch from 1 to 40mm with a maximum tooth height of 17mm and a maximum number of teeth from two to 998. The compact Loroch machine can create blades up to 8mm thick and the automation system can hold up to 40 saw blades for overnight unmanned processing.

All this can be achieved within a compact machine dimension of 2.4m x 1.7m x 2.2m, which also includes the side loading automation stacking system.




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