Bladon rely on CloudNC for critical parts

Bladon is a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of Micro Turbine Gensets (MTGs) - using high-speed, ultra-reliable and clean-burning microturbines together with patented air-bearing and heat exchanger technologies transforming distributed power generation.

These MTGs are used in the telecoms market where over four million mobile phone towers need reliable power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The electricity network grid cannot always deliver this reliability especially in remote areas and developing markets.

Because Bladon’s business is built on innovation and reliability it needs manufacturing partners that can deliver consistent quality, even for the most difficult parts. And that’s just one of the reasons that Bladon has chosen CloudNC to make and deliver its most challenging critical parts.

Like CloudNC, Bladon has created a digitally enabled modern manufacturing facility that delivers quality and reliability, efficiently and economically. What’s more, both companies leverage state-of-the-art equipment in conjunction with software to manage demand and ensure that manufacturing is agile and resilient.

“With CloudNC we found a partner that sees manufacturing the way we see it. They are focused on technology that delivers quality and efficiency as well as flexibility and resilience and they have the capability to make parts that some of the vendors we have previously used simply couldn’t make,” commented Andy Roberts, head of supply chain at Bladon.

“They spent the time to understand our product and how critical the parts we were asking for were. And best of all they are close to us, here in the UK.”

Head of sales for CloudNC, Christine Bailey commented: “The benefit of a shorter localised supply chain that is reliable and competitive can’t be underestimated and more companies are exploring options to buy locally. We are delighted that Bladon has chosen CloudNC as their manufacturing partner and look forward to supporting them as they grow in this critical infrastructure arena.

“CloudNC does more than simply make parts – we have leveraged our DfM (Design for Manufacturing) tools to make improvements to the product that will ensure reliable supply and actually reduce costs. This is indicative of the depth of the relationships that we’re developing with our customers.”








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