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With its new touch HMI control software Blue Solution, Kellenberger has established a completely new operating philosophy that is adaptable across all Kellenberger and Voumard series grinding machines.

For the operator the new control is simple and logically intuitive to use. Regardless of whether the focus of machining is internal grinding or external grinding, the Blue Solution uses a completely new software architecture. Programs created previously using Red Solution software can be used seamlessly on the new variant.  

The new software has been implemented as standard on Kellenberger 10 and Voumard 1000 machines for several months. By the autumn, Kellenberger 100 and 1000 machines will also be equipped.   

In the development of the new software, emphasis was placed on speed and simplicity. The Blue Solution was specially designed for touch operation using familiar gestures and intuitive icons. During data entry, the operator is assisted by an intelligent control system which is equipped with plausibility monitoring to highlight any incorrect entries for rectification.   

The home screen is the linchpin where six important aspects can be accessed: the three main areas Setup, Program, and Production, which control the actual production process, and three secondary areas Diagnostics, Settings, and Functions, which are only used when specifically required.

The programming of the production process always begins with the home screen on which the main areas are arranged in a color-coded central position. The secondary areas are marked with small dark icons alongside them.

Machine setup must be run through for each new production process. Grinding wheels and dressers as well as setup stations are defined here. Kellenberger and Voumard machines each have a maximum of four active grinding wheel positions/tools.

Up to 1,000 grinding wheels and positions can be managed in the grinding wheel storage unit. When selecting a wheel that is already stored, the majority of the setup process is not necessary.

Grinding wheel properties such as grit and geometry can be set under the Setup item. The pre-selection of the grinding wheel – angled, straight or round edge, radius, facet or profile –  is also made here. The dressing of the grinding wheels can also be easily adjusted and further steps, such as measuring the grinding wheel, manual dressing, manual grinding and calibrating can be directly accessed via individual icons.

When programming the workpiece, both Object and ISO Guide are supported as well as a hybrid of the two. The ISO Guide of the Blue Solution is 100% compatible with that of the Red meaning all old programs can be adopted.

With Object Guide programming, a preselection of the grinding wheels, edges and processing is set. The grooving, pendulum grinding, and multiple grooving processes can be conveniently and quickly preselected via icons.

By selecting the ‘Technology Calculator’ icon all technology values are calculated automatically: grinding wheel type, type of material and deflection serve as the basis from which the input is automatically created with no intervention required from the operator.

The technology calculator can be switched off if required. The program also has a drag-and-drop function – i.e. the sequence of the work steps can be easily changed by moving an Object. After entering all data, the machining program is calculated, written to the NC and then executed. Changes can be made to the program, even during machining.

The Blue Solution has two main highlights: regrinding cycle and non-circular grinding. When a part has been ground and the nominal size is incorrect, the ‘Regrind’ icon can be used to initiate a regrinding cycle which allows, for example, one or more seats on a part to be reground individually.

Switching to a handwheel is possible if regrinding is to be carried out in stages. The controller remembers the manually set values and, if desired, incorporates them in the subsequent automatic operations.

The input for non-circular grinding is made via a separate tab and any number of contours can be stored which are created in the Kellenberger Black CAM Solution software, available as an external software tool. For the Coromant Capto contour, there is also a direct creation and correction option in the Blue Solution. 

The dark icons displayed on the home screen control all activities outside the production process. Via the Diagnostics/Maintenance icon the operator can receive help in the event of malfunctions or error messages. The operator can also start the remote diagnosis directly from the application.

Basic settings to adapt the machine for the first time are made via the Settings icon. The Functions icon regulates, among other things, the setting of all manual functions (such as switching the cooling water on/off or raising/lowering the grinding wheel guard).

In the UK, Kellenberger and Voumard machines are sold and supported through Lutterworth-based DF Precision.

DF Precision Machinery

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