Boost for stainless steel production after new laser installation

Outokumpu image 1-w
Outokumpu image 1-w

Outokumpu, a global leader in stainless steel production, has significantly increased production after replacing two lasers with one bespoke Kimla laser cutting machine.

For the past 15 years Outokumpu has been running three CO₂ laser machines to fulfil its cutting needs at its UK facility in Sheffield. Working with MBA Engineering, a supplier of leading laser cutting and metal fabrication equipment, the team identified a requirement to update its metal cutting capabilities.

After discussing with MBA its cutting capacity and turnaround, Outokumpu came to the realisation it could increase production with just the one machine. Outokumpu made the decision to replace two of its three machines with one after being impressed following a visit to the Kimla facility in Poland with MBA Engineering.

With its main aims being to increase production, reduce running costs and free up valuable floor space, Kimla provided the ideal solution with a bespoke, fully automated Kimla fibre laser cutting machine.

This pioneering technology, in addition to the fully automated nature of the Kimla equipment, optimises the capabilities of the machine, meaning it can complete projects much more efficiently, from the loading and unloading of stainless steel pallets to the laser cutting itself.

The client was directly involved in the design of the automation system for the Kimla ProCut 20 60 LF 6kw, 6m x 2m, machine ensuring it was built to the specifications required by the team.

Rob Swift, project and technical sales manager at Outokumpu, said: “When we decided to update our laser cutting processes we had clear objectives in mind. MBA Engineering surpassed our expectations with a machine that can cut a part in 10 minutes having previously taken an hour on our old machines. In an industry where time is money, it’s great to have this kind of technology at the heart of our business and we’re very much looking forward to seeing the potential we have unlocked for Outokumpu with this investment.

“We have been involved with the design of the automation system too, which was a huge benefit for us as this could be tailored to our exact needs. The support MBA Engineering offered both pre and post installation is a huge reassurance when it comes to machine maintenance; knowing the team is on-hand to assist with any potential issues provides huge peace of mind.”

Bradley McBain, managing director of MBA Engineering, said: “Outokumpu is one of the biggest names in the stainless steel industry, so we’re immensely proud to provide the company with a bespoke, cost-effective fibre laser. The feedback we have received from Outokumpu’s operators has been great, with claims the machine cuts 5mm stainless as quickly as 1mm on a high power. Our ethos at MBA Engineering is all about providing our customers with savings and this machine delivers in abundance.

“When it comes to metal cutting, one machine does not fit all; working alongside Kimla we are able to provide companies with solutions specific to their needs.”

MBA Engineering is the exclusive distributor of Kimla fibre laser cutting equipment in the UK.

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