Bristle brush finishing to perfection

Tyrolit is now the exclusive industrial distributor of Dedeco Sunburst Radial Bristle Brushes not only in the UK but also Europe.

The addition of these products has helped extend Tyrolit’s surface conditioning and finishing product portfolio, enabling customers to reach more detailed conditioning capabilities.

Sunburst radial bristle brushes are ideal for finishing and polishing requirements. The specifically treated ceramic abrasive grain embedded through their thin flexible bristles enables them to work faster and last longer than rubber wheels, brushes, buffs and conventional sanders.

The sharp, clean bristles allow access to difficult areas and avoid removing detailed imperfections resulting in flat spots. Furthermore, Sunburst radial discs generate minimal dust and heat and eliminate the need for polishing compound.

Bristle brushes are not only more efficient than wire brushes, but they work faster, easily achieving a constant, quality finish with lighter pressure. The flexible bristles conform to contours, cracks and corners while working equally well on flat surfaces.

These thermoplastic abrasive bristle discs and brushes are the ideal alternative to wire and nylon applications, to enable deburring, cleaning, finishing and polishing in a safer, more efficient and flexible way.

US-made Dedeco Sunburst bristle brushes are ideal for a broad range of metalworking applications where conformability is key, including deburring, blending, scratch-removal, finishing, polishing and cleaning. Just some of the benefits include: greater safety, faster finishing, no scratching or gouging, cooler running, longer life, ease of use and flexibility.

Testing and training sessions with customers across the country means Tyrolit has begun to showcase not only the benefits of these products but also the most effective ways to utilise them.

For customers in the aerospace industry, where deburring can be an issue, bristle brushes have enabled users to reach areas often difficult to finish. The flexibility of the brushes combined with the way that they deflect, facilitates a deburring process of very tight or internal radii, opening-up capabilities that were often hard to achieve.

Also ideal for robotic deburring, with a wide range of conformability options and high consistency, radial bristle brushes quickly remove burrs and sharp edges in end-of-arm tooling operations.

Where working with stainless steel, bristle brushes have enabled customers to remove weld blueing left by the heat during the welding process, as well as eradicating weld burns and discolouration.

In another specialist area, Tyrolit has been working closely with a tooling client, providing testing over a period of time in order to improve edge preparation for end mills and drills.

This is enabled by mounting the brushes onto a spindle in the machine tool. After the tool has finished being ground using Tyrolit’s Startec XPP+ range, the tool was then edge prepped in the same clamping process – resulting in a quality tool with a high standard of edge finish in one procedure.

Blended bristles guarantee extended wear and a consistent, smooth finish. Through a cool running feature, they generate minimal heat reducing potential damage or distortion to the work surface, making them ideal for processes such as removing weld burns, discolouration, corrosion, grinding marks, paints and other surface contaminants.




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