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Registration now open for Subcon 2021

Subcon is the UK’s premier subcontract manufacturing supply chain show. For over 40 years, the show has continued to deliver high quality content and a variety of UK and international exhibitors.
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Makino F Series brochure

Makino F Series, a vertical machining centre that defines the art of precision mould making using advanced spindle and motion technology and thermal stability.
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GROB universal milling machine brochure

The G150, G350, G550 and G750 5-axis universal machining centers provide practically limitless possibilities for milling parts made of the most diverse materials to all customers in the machining sector.
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Special Rego-Fix offer from M.A. Ford Europe

Rego-Fix UK distributor, M.A. Ford Europe, has created a special ‘starter package’ offer, which includes a manual powRgrip hydraulic tool clamping press, five holders and collets, plus high performance end mills for £3999.