Zeiss launches Quality Innovation Days digital event

A week of innovations and insights awaits visitors at this year’s first global digital event from Zeiss. From 15-19 April, Zeiss will host an industry-leading digital event on industrial metrology with exciting insights.
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Introduction to Yamawa Europe

All over the world – machine tools, ship building, electric appliance, IT, aerospace, automotive and other industries – Yamawa brand is recognised as by-word for best quality taps, delivering outstanding and consistent performance.
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Ice sculpting a car using system from CNC Robotics

CNC Robotics has worked with Design Ice to create a robotic system that incorporates an electro spindle head for intricate design detail as well as an extended 4ft chainsaw attachment which could cut the large-scale ice blocks down into smaller pieces quickly and accurately. The 6-axis KUKA robot was installed in a freezing hall in Norway and works effectively and continuously in harsh sub-zero temperatures.
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