Chem Arrow solves machine tool lifespan issue in new video case study

Chem Arrow has released a case study video explaining how the company helped a UK foundry increase its machine tool lifespan.

MRT Castings manufactures high quality die castings in aluminium and zinc alloys and has extensive facilities for machining and electro-mechanical assembly. It is a privately owned family business and has invested in the latest technology and training to ensure that it has one of the most highly skilled teams and an advanced manufacturing facilities.

The company has worked with Chem Arrow for many years, and its ongoing support and guidance has maintained a strong supplier relationship to the business.

MRT had a requirement to transition to soft water due to local water quality affecting the lifespan of its machine tools. Chem Arrow were able to meet requirements set out by the machine tool provider and offer guidance as to which product from their portfolio would suit requirements across MRT’s workshops in Andover.

Chem Arrow educated, trained and supported the transition to the new product with the assistance of providing hardware and machine labelling. MRT saw improvement in tool life, cleanliness and operator acceptance.

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