Carillon Industrial Services

Smarter cutting fluid management

Now available in the UK from Carillon Industrial Services, the WillFill is a machine tool coolant monitoring system that gathers data on the condition of metalworking fluids, maintains and adjusts optimum coolant levels and sends notifications if maintenance or servicing is required. 
3 years ago

Automated metalworking fluid control

Will-Fill supplies metalworking machines with a unique add-on that relieves operator workload and reduces the ecological footprint of your production.
3 years ago

Expanding workholding capabilities

Available in the UK from Carillon Industrial Services (CIS), Kurt SideWinder vices mount directly to the back of six or eight inch Kurt vices and make an ideal set-up when configured in tandem with two or more vices.
6 years ago

Safe and sound 

Developing cutting fluids is a fine balancing act between ensuring performance whilst adhering to strict health and safety regulations. With its rhenus FU 800 coolant, Rhenus Lub has developed a formulation that is free from amines, boric acid and formaldehyde depots.
6 years ago

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