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Non-destructive inspection of components - simplified

With Zeiss Metrotom 1, Zeiss is introducing an entry-level solution for the non-destructive inspection of parts. This compact computed tomography system delivers precise results whilst being simply to operate.
4 months ago

Zeiss Innovation Rocks Spring Edition 2021

Starting on 8th June 2021, Zeiss Innovation Rocks once again gives customers the opportunity to experience new developments in industrial measuring technology in an engaging and interactive manner.
6 months ago

Additively manufacturing pistons for the Porsche 911 GT2 RS

At Porsche, 3D printing technology is already being employed to manufacture components – but now, a joint project from Porsche, Mahle and Trumpf, in cooperation with Zeiss, has successfully 3D-printed highly stressed drive components for the first time, using generative processes to manufacture pistons for the high-performance engine of Porsche’s top-of-the-line 911 model: the GT2 RS. PES reports.
7 months ago

Zeiss announces new webinar series for the medical industry

With such stringent regulatory requirements in the medical industry, manufacturers depend on reliable quality assurance systems. Zeiss understands the regulatory challenges of the industry and the requirements faced by manufacturers and their quality departments.
7 months ago

How to measure in-line at line speed

Zeiss Industrial Metrology has released a new video explaining how to measure in-line at line speed and the technology of ZEISS AICell trace.
9 months ago

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