DMG Mori

New laser drilling options

For rapid, efficient production of cooling air holes in gas turbine components such as guide vanes, blades, buckets, combustors and heat shields, DMG Mori has introduced the new LaserTec 160 PowerDrill and its smaller counterpart, the LaserTec 100 PowerDrill.
2 months ago

Large lathe machine tending

Occupying a footprint of just 12.5m², the new Robo2Go MAX from DMG Mori allows large lathes and turn-mill centres to be easily and flexibly automated.
5 months ago

DMG Mori extends horizontal machining centre range

Following the successful introduction by DMG Mori of the 5-axis DMU/DMC 65 H monoBLOCK, the first machining centre in a new horizontal-spindle range that employs a gantry concept normally associated with a vertical-spindle machine design, the company has launched a second model in the series, the DMU/DMC 85 H monoBLOCK, with double the working volume.
6 months ago

Turning centre turret flexibility

A CNC turning centre whose modular construction offers the user multiple choices to configure a machine to their precise needs was launched by DMG Mori at the recent EMO exhibition in Milan.
1 year ago

Compact machining cell has 5-axis and automation options

Capable of producing complex workpieces weighing up to 400kg efficiently, reliably and precisely from a wide range of materials, from aluminium to titanium, the new DMP 35 has been added to the range of vertical machining centres available from DMG Mori based in Coventry.
1 year ago

DMG Mori’s Pfronten digital event: innovation highlights

DMG Mori’s annual Pfronten, Germany open house took place virtually this year – a huge technical undertaking for such a colossal event that regularly attracts up to 10,000 visitors from around the world. The different format worked well with virtually no decrease in attendee numbers. Dave Tudor watched from the comfort of his home office chair.
2 years ago

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