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Data driven insights for manufacturing

MMS Version 8, the newest release of Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software (MMS), claims to boost CNC automation intelligence to the next level by introducing a new MMS Insights view, giving practical ideas and suggestions on how to improve CNC production.
1 month ago

Automation helps build more sustainable manufacturing

Through calculating its carbon hand- and footprint, automation specialist Fastems has taken its first steps towards understanding how automation enables more sustainable production development and how to reduce the company’s own environmental impact.
3 months ago

Automating existing machine tools: a viable way to enhance production

Automation is a hot topic at the moment, and there are many ways to introduce automation into a production environment. In this article, Fastems’ product manager for robotised products, Teemu-Pekka Ahonen highlights the merits of integrating automation solutions with existing machine tools.   
6 months ago

New release system and software

New releases of the Gantry Tool Storage (GTS) system and Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) from Fastems are designed to significantly increase manufacturing efficiency, enhance ergonomics and improve overall user experience.
1 year ago

Halter CNC Automation and Fastems to join forces

Halter CNC Automation from the Netherlands and Fastems Oy from Finland have announced an intention to establish a joint venture, the Halter Group, effective from 30th September 2019.
2 years ago

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