GF Machining Solutions

Living and breathing continuous improvement

Investment in two Mikron machining centres from GF Machining Solutions at Mechlam Precision Tooling has helped the company negotiate its way through the pandemic and set new, ambitious growth targets for the future.
2 weeks ago

Where innovation meets design

A bespoke luxury product design and manufacturing specialist has strengthened its machining capabilities by investing in a new Mikron 5-axis model from GF Machining Solutions. PES reports.
6 months ago

Optimising production: the cellular approach

GF Machining Solutions has developed a number of model machining cells to showcase its comprehensive range of total manufacturing systems and solutions and to demonstrate, to precision manufacturers, the significant productivity, efficiency and performance gains that can be achieved through the integration of the company’s advanced technologies.
1 year ago

Introducing EDM hole drilling: the non-contact drilling process

EDM drilling is a fast and flexible process, making it possible to produce the smallest of drill holes, independent of material hardness, at high-speed. In this article, PES takes a look at the AgieCharmilles Drill 20 machine from GF Machining Solutions which claims to offer best in class EDM hole drill capabilities.
1 year ago

Push button precision

Changes in ambient temperatures within working environments, and machining parts over long periods of time can all impact on a milling machine's geometry.
1 year ago

Made for medical

The Mikron Mill S 200 machining centres from GF Machining Solutions are available in 3- and 5-axis versions bringing speed, efficiency and precision to the machining of small, high-precision medical components such as stainless steel denture bars and orthopaedic implants.
2 years ago

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