Haas Automation

Haas unveils new Mini Mill series

Traditionally, machine performance is paired with size and cost – however, the Haas Mini Mill series challenged this by offering 40-taper performance in a compact design at a highly attractive price point.
1 day ago

Haas redesigns the Mini Mill

The completely redesigned Haas Mini Mill machine is enhanced with all-new optimised base and column castings, larger travels, fast spindle speeds and rapids for increased production output.
3 months ago

Watch this Haas DS-30Y machining a wheel spacer

This demonstration of a Haas DS-30Y shows a typical kind of part that can be machined on the productive lathes. Turn, drill, counterbore, chamfer, handoff, turn, drill, counterbore, chamfer, and you're done.
11 months ago

Haas: don't lose your probe offset

In this quick Tip of the Day, Haas shows an easy way to keep your work probe offset intact when clearing the rest of your tool offsets on a Haas mill.
1 year ago

Haas’ rotary table product line explained

Haas has been making rotary tables and indexers for a long time. When you've been producing and innovating like Haas has for 40 years, the result is a rotary line-up that fits nearly any application.
1 year ago

Haas expands 5-axis range

Haas Automation has unveiled the latest addition to its extensive 5-axis machining centre range – the UMC 350 HD.
1 year ago

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