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Hoffmann Group UK introduces guaranteed customer savings scheme

Hoffmann Group UK, one of Europe's leading system partners for quality tools, workstations and personal protective equipment (PPE), is introducing a new, industry-first offering to existing and prospective customers labelled the Guaranteed Savings Plan (GSP).
1 month ago

What does 2021 hold for the manufacturing industry?

A year ago, the big challenge facing UK manufacturing, and business, was Brexit – would we be ready, would we adapt and cope with issues from supply chains and recruitment to collaboration and trade, to mention but a few? We knew Brexit was coming and every business was urged to be ready for change, but another storm threatening uncertainty was blowing in.
7 months ago

Tool tip: Garant digital caliper with bluetooth

Hoffmann Group presents its new digital calliper with Bluetooth. With a simple click you can transfer the measured values of the calliper to your data carrier via Bluetooth. This works not only for the PC, but also for smartphones and tablets.
1 year ago

Hoffmann Group UK aims to double in size by 2023

One of Europe's leading suppliers of quality tools, workstations and PPE, Hoffmann Group, has announced plans to double in size in the UK after spending the past few months transforming its national strategy.
1 year ago

Flexible production capacity

In this article, Michael Knauer, director of milling at the Hoffmann Group discusses how production methods such as Parabolic Performance Cutting (PPC) can help toolmakers to maintain production capacity and effectively scale up their operations again post Covid-19.
1 year ago

Hoffmann Group UK launches remote consultation service

Hoffmann Group UK, a leading system partner for quality tools, workstations and personal protective equipment (PPE), has announced the launch of its remote consultation offering to support manufacturers keeping the UK running during the Covid-19 pandemic.   
1 year ago

Improving productivity-per-head in manufacturing

Optimising available resources to maximise productivity in these challenging times is not only desirable – it’s absolutely essential, affirms Tim Paddison, managing director of tooling and machining specialist Hoffmann Group UK.
1 year ago

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