Horn Cutting Tools

Grooving and cut-off advances

A new generation of tools for grooving and cut-off milling has been introduced by German tooling manufacturer Horn.
1 week ago

Horn announces return of technology days

Horn's Technology Days are back after four years. From 14-16 June at its Tübingen headquarters in Germany, cutting tool manufacturer Horn will offer insights into production using its products.
2 months ago

Super-fast circular groove milling

Carbide insert and cutting tool manufacturer Horn reports that an application at Jörg Bamann Mechanische Werkstatt – a job shop in Geretsried, Germany – is demonstrating that a Horn DAH high-feed, indexable-insert milling cutter in a B-axis lathe is able to helically interpolate a circular groove into a round steel workpiece 14 times faster than a toroidal mill.
4 months ago

Money saving in cycle milling

Tooling manufacturer Horn highlights one of its customers that is saving costs by not only turning a drive shaft on a multi-tasking CNC lathe but also milling a spline in the same set-up, an operation that was previously subcontracted out.
4 months ago

Shining a light on freeform machining

To highlight the numerous solutions it offers for milling freeform surfaces, German tooling manufacturer Horn, whose UK subsidiary is in Ringwood, Hampshire, points to a recent application involving the machining of a plastic injection mould for mass producing the lens of a headlamp.
7 months ago

New CBN and PCD tools from Horn

Tooling specialist Horn has announced an expansion of its product portfolio to include tools tipped with cubic boron nitride (CBN) for machining difficult materials such as superalloys and hardened steels.
9 months ago

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