Added advantages for milling tools

Milling with large tool overhangs is practiced in diverse manufacturing processes and is influenced by tool configuration or workholding fixtures.
7 months ago

Hoffmann Group and Iscar join forces

From 1st October 2023, the Hoffmann Group will offer the complete Iscar tool range throughout Europe and supply it from its central warehouse LogisticCity in Nuremberg.
1 year ago

A new logic for metalcutting

Precision carbide cutting tool maker Iscar has released a raft of new products to address the latest trends in modern metalworking.
1 year ago

Tool craft for aircraft

In machining aerospace components, the main challenges relate to component materials. In this article, Iscar Tools UK’s general manager David Jones discusses why ongoing cutting tool development is pivotal to success in terms of productivity and longer tool life.
2 years ago

No set-up, no downtime for Smart factories

Manufacturing is on the eve of comprehensive digitising, which in one way or another will impact almost all its stages: product design, process planning, machining, assembly, and more. As PES learns, the driving force behind the changes is a series of technological breakthroughs related to the fourth industrial revolution – or Industry 4.0 as it is commonly known.
4 years ago

A Logiqal conclusion in tooling

Back in March, in a blaze of publicity, 300 people witnessed the biggest cutting-tool launch in Iscar Tool’s history at the ICC in Birmingham. Since that time, as the comprehensive new Iscar Logiq range offers highly efficient solutions to the vast majority of machining operations and materials, many end-users have switched to these new cutting tools. In this article Iscar UK sales manager David Jones explains the success of this all-embracing new range.
5 years ago

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