Muffett Gears

Geared up investment drives the way ahead

At Muffett Engineering Solutions, the adoption of more automation in its production systems is markedly paying dividends. Ed Hill visited the company to hear more, and other recent developments.
6 months ago

A pitch towards profitability

As Muffett Engineering Solutions was just about to celebrate its centenary the COVID pandemic hit with a vengeance.
2 years ago

Geared for ongoing growth

First established in 1920, Tunbridge Wells-based Muffett Gears has gained a well-earned reputation as one of the UK’s foremost gear manufacturers and solutions providers. Even in these difficult COVID-19 shaped times the company’s gift for adaptability means it is in a strong position to prosper in future years. Ed Hill reports.
3 years ago

Exports to China drive investment 

The recent purchase of a Robbi Omicron CNC3206 universal grinder from RK International Machine Tools is providing Muffett Gears added flexibility and capacity as it expands export sales to China. PES reports.
5 years ago

Traditional values

Muffett Gears supplies gears, gearboxes, sub-assemblies and machined parts to a wide range of market sectors – many of which are technically demanding such as aerospace, medical, and hydraulics.
5 years ago

Pushing new gear wheels of precision

Muffett Gears has been at the forefront of gear manufacturing for many decades. Ed Hill visited the company to see how it is adapting for the future to keep ahead in this competitive sector of manufacturing.
6 years ago

Stepping up a gear

To streamline the manufacture of a family of 12 hydraulic pump components for the yellow goods industry, a Traub automated turn-milling centre supplied by Geo Kingsbury has been installed alongside a Gleason hobber and Pfauter shaper to form a production cell on the shopfloor of subcontract manufacturer, Muffett Gears.
7 years ago

Grinding gears to perfection

When gear manufacturing specialist Muffett Gears needed to find a new surface grinding machine to replace an ageing manual model it turned to RK International Machine Tools.
8 years ago

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