Universal Robots A/S

The future of automation and AI

Time for a spot of crystal ball gazing. Anders Billesø Beck, vice president of strategy and innovation at Universal Robots, presents his predictions for how automation may develop in the next 12 months.
4 days ago

Universal Robots announces new cobot leasing scheme

Universal Robots, one of Europe’s largest supplier of collaborative robots, is launching a new financial leasing scheme with the aim of reducing the costs of introducing automation into the UK and Ireland’s SME manufacturing markets, as part of SME Automation Month in October.
2 years ago

New robotics webinars launched from August to December

Universal Robots is launching a brand-new series of webinars running from August to December, providing specialist knowledge on ways automation is meeting production challenges across a diverse range of sectors
3 years ago

Universal Robots hits the road

Universal Robots, a leading provider of collaborative robots (cobots) will be taking the show on the road with its UK Cobot Automation Tour 2019.
5 years ago

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