WFL Millturn Technologies

Complete machining of parts for vehicle transmissions

Armoured vehicles need huge levels of drive torque to get going. In order to deliver the necessary propulsive force, manufacturers rely on transmissions from Augsburg-based Renk GmbH, the specialist in fully automatic transmissions for heavy tracked military vehicles.
1 month ago

WFL at AMB Stuttgart

At AMB 2022, taking place at Messe Stuttgart from 13-17 September, WFL Millturn Technologies will be presenting the new M20 Millturn complete machining centre for the first time.
3 months ago

Heavyweight machining on a Millturn from WFL

In this TECtalks episode from Austrian machine tool manufacturer WFL, application engineer Manfred Baumgartner discusses exactly what's required to machine a 60 ton component such as parts for gas, steam and wind turbines, rollers and crankshafts. 
8 months ago

Heavyweight machining from WFL

The need to produce larger, heavier components is something Austrian manufacturer WFL Millturn Technologies takes in its stride.
9 months ago

Latest tech for large mill-turning and more

Large turning-drilling-milling centres for the complete processing of complex and high-precision workpieces has been a speciality for Austrian headquartered machine tool builder WFL for three decades now.
3 years ago

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