Drilling aluminium alloys reliably

Walter PVD grade WNN15 is now available for drilling applications

The reliable, low-adhesion grade WNN15 is now also included in Walter's range for indexable insert drills.

This grade is primarily designed for drilling in tough ISO N materials such as wrought aluminium alloys or cast aluminium alloys. These materials are mainly used in the aviation and automotive industries, as well as in general mechanical engineering, in order to achieve weight reductions.

Walter drilling grade WNN15 stands out in this field thanks to its outstanding process reliability and long tool life, even at extremely high cutting speeds. This means that it makes indexable insert drilling and reaming tools more cost-effective than comparable PCD tools with immediate effect.

The indexable insert drills offer the advantage of multiple indexing; worn indexable inserts can be replaced quickly and easily, which means that the tool can be used again immediately and with comparably lower costs and less time required.

WNN15 features a hard substrate on the indexable inserts, which guarantees excellent cutting edge stability. The PVD coating created using the HiPIMS process creates a particularly smooth, dense surface – the rake faces are also polished. The drilling chips glide away smoothly, wrought alloys that tend to adhere find nowhere to cling to, and there is hardly any build-up on the cutting edge.

Due to its high wear resistance, drilling processes using the Walter grade WNN15 are extremely reliable. An increase in the tool life of up to 200% can be achieved, depending on the application, compared to conventional drilling grades.

The new drilling grades are available for the following indexable insert drills: D4120, D3120, B3212.DF. to B3214-DF. in versions P4840, P2840 and LCGX.

Walter GB


Walter GB

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