Hanwha sliding heads creating a buzz in the UK

Across Europe and Asia, Hanwha is renowned for creating powerful, precise sliding head lathes with the flexibility to tackle a wide range of diameters from 3mm all the way up to 45mm. In the UK, the brand is represented by Hove-based Dugard.

With the ability to extend up to nine axes and incorporating both driven and static tooling systems, Hanwha sliding head lathes are able to take on a variety of turning tasks. Every Hanwha machine sold by Dugard comes with a commercial package designed to support customers for the machine’s entire lifespan.

“Hanwha’s sliding head lathes feature all the flexibility, speed and precision you would expect from such a respected name, but it doesn’t end there,” says Dugard’s Colin Thomson. “As standard, every Hanwha machine we offer comes with long bar ejection, bar feeders, PCRIII chip breaking technology and swarf conveyors. We are providing more than a machine – it’s a complete solution.”

Hanwha machines offers a choice of two control options – Fanuc and Siemens –  providing optimum machining flexibility. Operationally, the sliding head lathes are equally versatile with some able to reach 23kW on the main spindle and 23kW on the sub with the aid of Siemens control.

Bird nesting for stringy materials (including plastics and aluminium) becomes a thing of the past thanks to the range's powerful chip control system, a macro-based software known as Programmable Chip Removal which helps minimise downtime, boosting productivity and profitability.

“We take pride in supporting our customers long-term,” says Mr Thomson. “Dugard is interested in more than just the initial sale – we want to ensure our customers remain supported from start to finish, with ongoing access to our expert advice, expertise and services throughout the machine’s life.”




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