Effective hard turning with PCBN indexable inserts

H10 can be used for unfavourable machining conditions
H10 can be used for unfavourable machining conditions

Machining hardened materials higher than 55HRC is becoming increasingly important – and so too is the need for tooling that can handle these tough machining jobs. The launch of Ceratizit’s new HardCut selection of indexable inserts ensures that these demands can be met.

Hard turning, as an alternative to grinding, comes with many advantages. While eliminating grinding sludge and the need to use cooling lubricant, Ceratizit’s HardCut inserts simultaneously increase productivity by shortening set up and machine production times. The increased process flexibility means that internal and external machining on the same machine is possible, while also increasing the ease at which complex geometries can be produced.

H20 Ideal for extremely worn and hardened steel grades
H20 Ideal for extremely worn and hardened steel grades

Manufactured from PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride), one of the hardest materials in the world, Ceratizit’s HardCut indexable inserts are ideal for machining hard, abrasive components. The inserts available in the HardCut range cover the most common challenges encountered when machining particularly hard materials.

Available in three high-performance grades of PCBN, the inserts are ideal for jobs ranging from fine machining to rough machining, where smooth and interrupted cuts are used at varying speeds within machining processes.

For more information on the different inserts available in the HardCut range, visit https://cuttingtools.ceratizit.com or take a look at Ceratizit’s HardCut Selection publication.

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