Ellesco announces open house dates

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Ellesco has announced the dates of its open house event, running from the 20-22 September 2016. For components that require deburring or surface finishing, Ellesco is inviting engineers to bring along problem parts to trial on the Grindingmaster Timesaver machines.

The event at the Ellesco facility in Christchurch will be an opportunity to see four of the latest machines from Timesavers whilst an abrasives expert from Hermes Coated Abrasives will be on hand to discuss the technical elements and benefits of its range of abrasive belts, brushes and consumables. Ellesco will also be hosting entertainment evenings for customers.

The four Timesavers machines at the event will include the Timesavers 10 series 1300MGVT, the 12 series 600WB, the 22 series 900W and the 42 series WRB machine. Alongside the new products, Ellesco will have a complete range of cost-effective used and refurbished surface finishing machines available for immediate delivery.

The smallest machine at the event will be the Timesavers 10 series 1300MGVT manual grinder. The 10 series has a grinding wheel and a flap brush that can be tilted 180° on the head. The tilting head and weight-bearing arm enhance the operator experience with easy aggregates changeovers and a support mechanism for generating uniform surface finishes.

Stepping up from the 10 series is the 12 series WB machine. This 'belt and brush' machine will be demonstrated at the event in its 600mm wide format. Ideal for working up to a component thickness of 125mm with a 600mm width, the series can feed parts at a rate from 3 to 9m/minute for consistent and speedy surface finishing. The machine has a 9kW motor and a total weight of 650kg.

For more robust applications, Ellesco will be showing the capability of the 22 series 900W machine. For wider parts up to 900mm, this single head machine for the deburring and finishing of sheet metal parts offers a wide selection of heads and widths to accommodate most sheet metal finishing tasks. Renowned for being one of the most flexible machines in the Timesavers stable, the 900W can be applied to a diverse application range.

The focal point of most open house events and exhibitions is the Timesavers 42 series. At the September event, Ellesco will be putting the 1350WRB variant through its paces on customer parts. With a wide abrasive belt for the pre-grinding removal of heavy burrs from parts and a follow-up multi-directional brush that uniformly deburrs and finishes edges of laser cut, punched and machined parts in a single pass, the model is one of Ellesco's bestselling machines.

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