Ellesco enhances polishing range with Peitzmeier agency agreement

Surface finishing and deburring specialist Ellesco has announced that it is now the official UK distribution agent for the Peitzmeier-Maschinenbau range of grinding machines for processing the surfaces of metal products.

The new agreement will enable Christchurch-based Ellesco to extend the market reach of its portfolio by offering modular automated solutions to suit the demands of the deburring end-user.

As a relatively new brand entering the industry, the Peitzmeier range is considered modern and cost-effective with a modular configuration that will enable customers to add automation systems and even extend the dimensions of the machine to suit the changing needs of the customer. The Omni-Grind product portfolio includes standard machines up to process oriented solutions with two modular machine types available.

The Omni-Grind Twin is a modular twin-belt grinding machine for the flexible and efficient processing of small to medium sized parts. It is available with a table width of 2, 3, 4 or 5m that has the option of a 1 or 2m table width, which can be height adjusted from 0.7 to 1.2m.

Peitzmeier has developed the machine with modules for grinding, polishing, deburring and bevelling parts. The automation of this machine is also configurable and this varies from a manual table drive and programmable tools to automatic part processing. The control and all modules can be configured and retro-fitted at any time.

The Omni-Grind Twin offers maximum working space for the operator with its trapezoid belt guiding system and with no transmission below the table, access is enhanced whilst the cantilever design of the grinding device permits the machining of parts longer than the table width. The grinding device is driven with a powerful 5.5kW motor that is mounted upon an extremely robust machine frame that weighs in a 3 tonnes.

Complementing the Twin machine is the new Omni-Grind Portal. Like the Twin machine, the Portal range is offered with a 2 to 5m table length with a width of 1 or 2m. However, the key difference is the ability of the Portal series to accommodate larger parts. This is possible through the height adjustment system that allows the range to adjust from 1.5 to 2.5m. The parts can be handled via a table, swivelling device of a scissor-lift table.

According to Ellesco’s managing director, Guy Newton, the twin-belt series of grinding machines have an attractive price to performance ratio: “Compared to our previous supplier, the Peitzmeier range is significantly more attractive from a price-point perspective. Furthermore, the machines are completely autonomous with the needs of the end user. If a customer wants a standard machine today with a view to possibly re-configuring the machine in the future, it is a feasible option that we couldn't previously accommodate.

“The level and ease of retrofitting is also attractive for customers. With minimal effort, the Peitzmeier machines can have their dimensional capacity re-configured or automation solutions added. This modular design will prove attractive to end users as it future-proofs their investment with the potential to alter the machine according to the changing demands of the business."

Ellesco www.ellesco.co.uk



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