Grinding wheel benefits for hand tool operations

Compared to conventional resin bonded grinding wheels, the Engis Dia-ForZ range offers many significant benefits, including greater operator safety, which results from the fact that the diamond grit is electroplated to the metal body, so the wheel cannot fail, break or come apart due to abuse.

This is particularly important in hand tool operations where the grinder can be dropped or the governor fails and the machine over-speeds.

Dia-ForZ diamond plated wheels are claimed by Engis to last longer and cut faster than aluminium oxide and zirconia alumina products and, as an added benefit, because diamond stays sharper for longer and cuts faster, less force is required to remove imperfections on castings, leading to enhanced operator ergonomics.

The wheels do not need to be dressed, as the grit is more fully exposed than in conventional wheels, and, because the wheel does not wear like a conventional variant, there is no loss of form or peripheral speed and less dust is generated.

The Dia-ForZ range is available in portable Ty 1, Ty 6 and Ty 27 versions, as well as cut-off wheels, burrs and wheels for robotic cells.

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