Expanded milling cutter range

The WWX200 and 400 milling cutters create a low cutting resistance
The WWX200 and 400 milling cutters create a low cutting resistance

Mitsubishi Materials has added smaller type (WWX200 inserts) to complement the versatile WWX400 series of true 90⁰ corner milling cutters for face, shoulder and copying applications.

Featuring economical double-sided trigon inserts with six cutting edges, WWX has been designed to meet all the needs of the modern metal cutting industry and is especially suitable for smaller components and lower powered machine tools.

A double-sided insert with an axial rake angle of 9°
A double-sided insert with an axial rake angle of 9°

The innovative and accurate geometry of the insert pocket, together with precise locating of the inserts on the tool body, ensures that a true 90⁰ wall can be machined on components. In most cases, this eliminates the need for secondary finishing operations, thereby saving valuable production time and costs.

WWX400/200 cutters can perform at high feed rates to ensure usability and efficiency across a wide choice of applications. The body features four contact faces inside the insert pocket, plus the use of a large screw, that provides high insert clamping strength and stability without compromising accuracy.

This means it can be used for semi-roughing as well finishing operations. To further enhance usability and dependability, each body has internal through coolant channels that exit to supply high pressure cutting fluid directly at each insert.

WWX200 (9mm) and WWX400 (14mm) size inserts
WWX200 (9mm) and WWX400 (14mm) size inserts

The distinct carbide inserts feature six usable cutting edges that offer lower costs and excellent process reliability thanks to a negative seating geometry but still provide a positive sharp cutting action. This generates low cutting forces and together with an increase in insert thickness compared to conventional types, also provides excellent resistance to breakage.

Furthermore, a high maximum depth of cut of up to 8.2mm enables efficient shoulder milling capabilities. In order to meet component surface finish expectations, the bottom of all inserts feature a large radius geometry that acts like a traditional wiper.

Three different chipbreakers are available, the L, M and R breakers for light, medium and rough machining respectively. These can be matched with an extensive selection of eight different coated and uncoated carbide grades, providing choices that ensure the ideal combination can be chosen to effectively machine a wide range of materials.

WWX200 (6mm) and WWX400 (9mm) thicknesses inserts
WWX200 (6mm) and WWX400 (9mm) thicknesses inserts

The new WWX200 series of arbor type face mill cutters are available from 40 - 160 diameters in coarse, fine and extra fine pitch geometries. Shank types from 25 - 50 diameters can also be ordered.

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