Four new fives

Four new fives
Four new fives

Yamazaki Mazak launched four new 5-axis machines at this year's EMO exhibition in Milan.

Taking centre stage was the Variaxis i-1050T representing the latest and largest addition to Mazak's highly successful Variaxis range of 5-axis machining centres. The i-1050T has full turning capability and uses Mazak's latest Mazatrol SmoothX CNC control.

The Variaxis i-1050T features a gantry box design with a fully cast structure to ensure maximum stability and accuracy; ideal for machining large workpieces up to diameters of 1,250mm by 900mm, with a maximum weight of 2,000kg.
Performance is delivered via a powerful 10,000rpm and 37kW 50 taper spindle, capable of machining a wide range of applications. The machine is also equipped with a high rigidity turning table which utilises a 500rpm direct drive motor, integrated inside a fully supported trunnion table for maximum stability.

This combination of spindle power and rigidity makes the Variaxis ideal for complete ‘done-in-one' processing of complex, large and heavy-duty workpieces that also require turning, such as those commonly used in the aerospace sector. Additionally, the milling spindle can be optionally specified, with a high torque 5,000rpm spindle for difficult to cut materials and a 15,000rpm spindle for high speed machining requirements.

Making its European debut at EMO was the Variaxis i-700 also with SmoothX CNC. The Variaxis i-700 provides full 5-axis simultaneous machining capability for a complete solution when working with complex workpieces up to diameter of 730mm by 500mm.

It is equipped with a versatile 18,000rpm spindle combining both high-speed and power via a 35kW motor, making it suitable for a wide range of applications on the most demanding of materials. High accuracy machining and thermal stability are ensured by an integrated cooled spindle, core cooled ballscrews and an Intelligent Thermal Shield function.

The 1,100mm Y-axis stoke increases accuracy and reduces non-cutting time by eliminating A-axis table movement during tool changes. The Variaxis i-700 is part of Mazak's successful Palletech system, offering an automated solution for flexible unmanned production of 5-axis components.

Another Variaxis model making its world debut at EMO was the Variaxis j-500 equipped with the new SmoothG control. With its all-round capability the j-500 offers a high performance cost-effective solution for machining 5-axis multi-surface components up to a diameter of 500mm. The high rigidity fully cast structure delivers excellent machining results without compromising performance or accuracy, thanks to its robust 12,000rpm and 11kW spindle, linear roller guides on all linear axes and a fully supported trunnion table, incorporating roller gear cam on both A- and C-axes.

The fourth 5-axis machine making its world debut in the 5-axis zone was the Vortex i-800V/8S fitted with Mazak's SmoothX CNC. The machine's tilting spindle allows for the 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex contours on large parts such as jet engine casings, airframe components and gearboxes, made from titanium, aluminium and steel. The new variant of the Vortex i-800V/8 series offers customers the choice of a single pallet configuration to complement the existing two pallet design, providing good all round access to the working area with a large machining envelope capable of machining workpieces of diameter 1,700mm by 1,600mm.

The Vortex i-800V/8S is equipped with a high-speed 15,000rpm /56kW spindle for high speed applications such as medium sized structural aerospace components. The machine is suited to a variety of machining applications with a choice of high power spindles capable of 10,000rpm and 37kW and a high torque 5,000rpm milling spindle. With the Vortex's ability to reduce machining time, the agile performance is complemented by high-speed rapid traverse rates of 52m/minute on all linear axes, minimising non-cutting time.


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