Fractory adds instant CNC quotes to procurement platform

Fractory has added automatic CNC quotes to its automated manufacturing procurement platform.

The company’s software is used by engineering companies to establish production capacity through an automated platform.

Automated CNC quote describes a process where an instant price can be given based on the manufacturing logic, where each uploaded CAD-file is processed to recognise the manufacturing process and properties of the part, which determine the manufacturing and shipping lead times and cost.

To achieve this goal, Fractory has developed in-house algorithms and technology that are able to read the CAD files uploaded for both CNC milling and turning, as opposed to using machine learning.

Company CEO Martin Vares said the new product feature will make it simpler to access a wider range of manufacturing processes and contribute to more sustainable manufacturing, as the orders are aggregated and produced near end users which leads to cleaner production, less transportation and less scrap which in turn helps manufacturers reduce their CO2 emissions and meet sustainability targets.

Fractory is an automated on-demand manufacturing platform connecting engineering and manufacturing companies. Fractory aims to make more efficient use of the available machinery, filling the production gaps by distributing jobs according to manufacturer availability, lead time, expertise and capabilities.

Through its platform, Fractory provides access to a network of regional manufacturers. The network helps with fulfilling the orders from production to delivery and contributes to flexible project management.




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