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Modulares Gewindewirbeln
Modulares Gewindewirbeln

Tooling manufacturer Horn has introduced tools for thread whirling, having six or nine inserts, providing an efficient, cost-effective way to produce single- and multi-start external threads and profiles. Very short cycle times are achievable when they are used on sliding-head (Swiss-type) lathes and the process offers other significant advantages over single-point thread cutting.

With its base carriers and ring cassettes, the new type M271 modular tool system offers a multitude of combinations tailored to the various Swiss-type lathes and drive units on the market.

The S271 high-precision system allows customers to choose between conventional whirling with six or nine indexable inserts per ring cassette or the new Horn turbo whirling method, which uses nine precision-ground, double-edged indexable inserts. Three are for roughing, the remainder being finishing inserts, and all are tailored to the thread profile and material to be machined. Each cutting edge is subject to equal load, an additional factor in extending tool life.

Inserts are held accurately in place by a Torx screw, achieving maximum rigidity and precise indexing. Thus handling is optimised during insert replacement in the new modular whirling heads or conventionally in monobloc tools.

A tool configurator, which is available on the Horn website at, facilitates choosing the right combination of machine, drive unit and tool. The correct cutting data is also provided thanks to the new HCT cutting data calculator, which can be accessed via the same page.

Horn Cutting Tools

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