Hewland Engineering takes quality to the next level with new Bowers DigiMic

Bowers Group’s newly launched DigiMic digital micrometer has already impressed within the engineering sector, with Berkshire-based Hewland Engineering reporting improved efficiency within its quality and inspection processes.

Hewland's history walks alongside the heritage of motorsport, manufacturing bespoke and OEM gearboxes for racing applications, internal combustion and EV sectors in performance vehicles, and in the marine and aviation sectors. Its dedicated Advanced Engineering and Design Group is tasked with ensuring that all technical considerations are to the highest standard, therefore it is essential that projects are completed with precision accuracy.

Adrian Jarych, QHSE engineer at Hewland said: “As a quality engineer and inspector I find the DigiMic really useful for everyday component inspection work. It’s easy to turn on, easy to calibrate, and it’s ready to use. The thimble is smooth, and the accuracy is exactly what we need for our applications.

“The parts we produce are used in the manufacturing of motorsport and automotive transmissions and gearboxes where precision is key. I feel confident of the accuracy and know I’m getting trustworthy readings from the DigiMic.”

Used by Hewland Engineering to measure diameters and widths of metal components, such as layshafts, pinion shafts, gears, hubs, clutch shafts, drive shafts and many other gearbox components, the DigiMic has already proven its reliability with pinpoint accuracy.

The DigiMic features an impressive accuracy of 2μm maximum permissible error and 2μm maximum error range. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand, the device is an exceptionally robust micrometer perfect for shopfloor use. Manufactured with an IP67 protection rating, the extra-large digital display makes reading data straightforward with the user having an immediate visual confirmation of measurement in hand.

Feedback from Hewland Engineering has indicated that the DigiMic has helped achieve an accurate thickness of gears and bearing journal diameters within its 0.01mm tolerance. It offers an easy-to-use device with a large, clear digital screen, with the weight of the micrometer providing a substantial, high-quality feel.

The Bluetooth connectivity to Sylvac software means reporting has never been easier, making the creation of control plan reports more efficient by recording digital data rather than handwriting results. The ‘favourite button’ has also proven to be useful in transferring and storing data to the Sylvac Anywhere software.

The bi-directional communication capability of the DigiMic enables users to link the device with a range of IoT ready products, including Sylvac's Sylcom software products which range from a free app enabling data collection on a smartphone or tablet, to a comprehensive multi-gauge package making data capture for every dimension on the part easy and reporting efficient.

Mr Jarych explains: “I have used the SylcomLite software where I found useful capabilities to familiarise myself with the software. On Bowers' recommendation, I’ll trial the Pro version of Sylcom and use this to kickstart digital recording of results for control plans.”   

Bowers Group


Bowers Group

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