Horn extends slot milling cutter range

Horn has introduced a new version of its M310 milling system, which is now available with a cutter body having an internal coolant supply.

It allows a higher level of precision when slot milling and cut-off milling, as no heat is transferred from the cutting zone into the component. For the same reason, the service life of the indexable inserts is extended, reducing tool costs. Additionally, the flushing action of the coolant combined with the geometry of the cutting edges prevents chip jamming in deep grooves.

Two types of milling cutter are available. The screw-in milling cutter is offered in diameters from 50mm to 63mm with widths from 3mm to 5mm. As an arbour milling cutter, the body is available in diameters from 63mm to 160mm, the widths also being between 3mm and 5mm.

The triangular S310 carbide inserts are mounted on both sides of the body to ensure efficient distribution of the cutting forces. Further geometries for processing various materials are being introduced, including one specifically for milling aluminium alloys.

As well as expanding the M310 system, Horn is rounding off its M101 and M383 disc milling cutter ranges. For the M101 tool, S101 inserts are available from stock with a width of 2.5mm and new inserts with an 8° lead angle are available especially for slotting. For the M383 cutter, the range of bodies is being expanded to include diameters of 125mm and 160mm in addition to 100mm and 200mm.

Horn Cutting Tools

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