Tackling bacteria in metalworking fluid without harmful chemicals

Houghton International FluidWorker
Houghton International FluidWorker

With mounting publicity on the effects of biocides on the environment, Houghton International is undertaking a renewed push for companies to embrace FluidWorker.

With increasing awareness on the harmful effects of biocides on the environment, Houghton International is undertaking a renewed push for companies to embrace FluidWorker.

FluidWorker is the very latest in innovative bacteria control for the world of industrial metalworking, allowing for the safe recycling of industrial process fluids, with the ability to reduce bacteria populations by up to 99.9% within hours.

Making use of UV light to affect the DNA of bacteria that develop within process fluids, rendering them unable to replicate, FluidWorker negates the need for toxic and increasingly restricted and expensive biocides.

By embracing the use of UV technology through FluidWorker, companies can take a major step towards Industry 4.0, reduce their impact upon our environment and protect their workforce.

“FluidWorker is the ultimate answer to manufacturer’s biocide woes,” said Lee Bowditch, EMEA business development director of Fluid Intelligence Solutions.

He added: “The unit is able to reduce bacteria levels without the use of harmful biocides and, along with Houghton International’s Fluid Intelligence programme, holds the potential to allow the metalworking industry to revolutionise its processes and massively reduce its environmental impact.”

Under European law, the use of biocides is strictly regulated due to the known impact of their usage upon microorganisms and the potential for human and environmental harm if used improperly.

In light of this, it is increasingly recommended that manufacturers find biocide-free ways to control bacteria populations within their process fluids. This allows them to avoid legal restrictions while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint and protecting their staff.

Developed by Wallenius Water Innovation and exclusively supplied by Houghton International, the FluidWorker is available from just £155 per month, having the ability to support manufacturers immediately without any costly outlay.

Houghton International hopes to be able to slow the decline in biodiversity by encouraging large manufacturers to adopt FluidWorker as a green alternative to chemical biocides.

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