This is what happens when you invest in Industry 4.0 technologies

The AMRC is addressing the problems facing UK manufacturing companies in Industry 4.0 investments with a real-life demonstration. 

The AMRC is addressing the problems facing UK manufacturing companies in Industry 4.0 investments with a real-life demonstration.

The reality is that if industry doesn’t adopt these concepts, companies will struggle to be globally competitive in manufacturing.

In this hour-long video, the AMRC presents its Rate Assembly Process Information Demonstrator (project RAPID), which aims to de-risk Industry 4.0 implementations by incorporating as many of its technologies and concepts as possible, while still having a realistic budget.

Through this webinar the AMRC introduces project RAPID and its drivers and gives a demonstration on how it works and the technologies it showcases.

The key part of this webinar is not just to show what worked well, but also some of the implementation challenges faced and where the AMRC had to compromise.

The webinar concludes with a discussion-based Q&A live from Factory 2050 where it interrogates the reality of an Industry 4.0 implementation.

Key areas of the webinar

  • Interoperability of robots and hardware components

  • AI algorithms and data analytics on the shop floor

  • Mass customisation

  • Reconfigurability

  • Software integration with manufacturing equipment

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