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Specifically for cutting tubular material, Kasto has introduced a new bandsaw, called KASTOwin tube A 5.0, on which the blade cuts from the bottom upwards – the reverse of the action on most other bandsaws.

This method reduces wear on the band and avoids damage to its teeth that often occurs when a blade travels downwards into swarf that has accumulated inside the bottom of the tube.

Until now, this problem made it virtually impossible to use a tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade for sawing tube, as the delicate teeth were invariably damaged. A bimetal blade was the only option. Kasto says this problem is a thing of the past with the KASTOwin tube A 5.0, on which TCT blades may be used without fear of premature wear.

The automatic saw has a feed mechanism rotated through 180° so that the cutting action starts at the surface supporting the stock. Capacity is 500mm diameter for round tube and shortest cutting length is 10mm. The frequency-controlled drive can be adjusted steplessly to deliver a cutting speed between 12 and 150m/minute.

The upfeed is equipped with zero-play linear guides, while ball screws ensure controlled cutting and material infeed. The saw band is clamped in position hydraulically for cleaning by a replaceable, electrically driven chip removal brush.

Kasto Bandsaw
The KASTOwin Tube A 5.0 bandsaw being launched at an event held by Kasto at its main factory in Achern, Germany

The intelligent SmartControl ensures easy operation and, as it contains a comprehensive material database, is able to set all sawing parameters automatically for nearly all types and cross sections of material.

In addition, a new KASTOrespond feature continuously records the force on the tool, without the need for additional sensor systems that are often fault-prone. An intelligent algorithm continually varies the feed rate so that the force on the blade is maintained at a constant, optimised value.

The feature was developed for the KASTOwin tube A 5.0, as tube in particular presents a blade with widely varying conditions throughout the cut, especially at material breakthrough. It is, however, applicable to cutting all types of stock.

The tube saw boasts all of the benefits that characterise other units in the German-built series. Since all models are built to a similar design and the components are mostly identical, Kasto is able to offer this range of automatic production bandsaw saws at considerably more attractive prices than comparable products, without compromising quality.

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