LVD offers new cost-efficient laser cutting machine

Global designer and manufacturer of sheetmetal equipment LVD has introduced Puma, a new cost-efficient fibre laser cutting machine designed to provide high-technology features and performance at a lower total cost of ownership.

Offered with a 3-, 6- or 12kW laser in 3,050 x 1,525mm, 4,065 x 2,035mm, and 6,160 x 2,035 formats, the automation ready Puma provides the agility to handle a diversity of cutting applications.

LVD’s newest laser cutting machine addresses a growing demand for versatile laser cutting equipment built to maximise the value of a user’s investment and lower the cost per part. Featuring a robust construction, Puma is designed to operate as economically as possible with high-end features that optimise cutting performance. The welded steel, mono-frame construction provides stability to achieve quality cutting at high feed rates.

The Puma cutting head uses the latest technology to deliver consistent quality and process stability. It incorporates crash protection, motorised focus position adjustment, and capacitive height sensing, as well as automated functions for sheet referencing, cutting gas selection, pressure control, and nozzle cleaning. High machine dynamics enable productive cutting across a wide range of material types and thicknesses.

Puma’s shuttle table system allows one table to be loaded or unloaded while cutting on the other, keeping throughput at its peak. Table changeover takes just 35 seconds.

To maximise laser cutting output and processing efficiency, Puma can be equipped or retrofitted with any MOVit modular automation system, including Compact Tower (CT-L) for loading, unloading and material/parts storage, Flexible Automation (FA-L) advanced load/unload system, Tower Automation System (TAS) single or double-tower storage, or Warehouse Automation System (WAS) customisable storage tower system.




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