MACH 2024: Lantek to exhibit its full suite of sheetmetal software

Sheetmetal CAD/CAM and ERP software specialist Lantek will be exhibiting its latest software in Hall 17 on Stand 319.

Flexibility is one of the major improvements in Lantek Expert, making it easy to move nests of parts between different machines as production requirements dynamically change without the need for manual adjustments.

New is the Assembly 2 Nesting software. Here, customers can import a complete 3D model assembly of parts. These are individually sorted and unfolded in the Lantek software, nested, and then cut in the shortest possible time, without the user needing their own CAD system to do 3D model manipulation.

For tube and pipe work, Lantek Flex3D has seen some fundamental changes which reduce execution times. The software also helps eliminate collisions through hole destruction technology and aims for a ‘no scrap’ target with micro joints connecting parts together to use up every bit of the tube material.

Lantek’s Machine Connectivity makes it possible to directly connect to different machines, gathering information from the machine automatically. This data is fed into the Lantek Control Panel app which provides a cloud-based interface to monitor the cutting machine state irrespective of its type or technology, without operator intervention, in real-time.

The app can be accessed on a tablet or mobile device so that the collected and merged data can be viewed by managers giving them a real-time overview of the complete production process and manufacturing facility. The app also displays utilisation rates so that free capacity can be allocated and, gives warnings when unexpected events occur, so that remedial action can be taken without delay.

Adam Ball, solutions sales manager for Lantek UK says: “This technology is particularly useful for companies that use a mix of different cutting technologies such as punching, laser or waterjet from different manufacturers. The real-time feedback will lead to significant productivity improvements, avoiding errors, cost overruns and will optimise the use of available machine capacity.”

The power of the Lantek software is in the way in which it is integrated into the overall manufacturing and management processes within a sheetmetal company. Accurate and fast quotations directly impact the levels of business won. Lantek has the tools to minimise the work involved in creating quotations, using stored, calculated and historic data on material prices, operation times and material usage with products including iQuoting, Assembly 2 Nest and Lantek Expert.

During production, Lantek Integra products including Lantek MES and Lantek WOS keep track of and monitor stock levels, material availability, capacity, delivery times and costs against targets, optimising the efficiency of the manufacturing process. The new Machine Connectivity tools further increase the accuracy, efficiency and automation of every aspect of this process.

Over 35 years of development have been put into optimising the software help manufacturers maximise their efficiency and profitability.


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