MACH 2024: Oemeta has your cutting fluid conundrums covered

Oemeta UK specialises in all things coolant and as manufacturers, suppliers, and providers of support services for these specialist fluids, the team knows these products inside-out. At MACH, the company is inviting visitors to visit Stand 20-485 to discover solutions to their cutting fluid conundrums – large and small.

A common misconception is that with the use of coolants or cutting fluids, there is a standard set of problems which vary in nature and often go unnoticed, as they start small but build over time, and like most things, can be problematic if left untreated.

Issues with cutting fluids vary but typically include bad odours, microbiology, foaming, dirty machines, residue, skin irritation, cost, consumption, sump life, corrosion, poor lubricity, and sludge. Many of these issues stem from similar causes, but, according to Oemeta, they are all treatable – especially when you have backing from a company that specialises in these types of fluids.

“If any of these issues sound familiar, then Oemeta is on hand to help,” assures Oemeta UK’s managing director David Woodford. “Our stand at MACH will focus on helping coolant users understand these common problems, paired with the solutions available to help resolve them. Along with striking graphics and props, the stand will feature a large video wall, an engaging touchscreen, and a journey through the simple stages Oemeta uses to match your machines to their ideal coolant.”

Marketing manager, Alyson Pettefer adds: “We want to bring a fresh approach to how businesses and individuals think about coolant. Rather than offering a specific product before we know anything about a business and the way they use their coolant, we look at providing a tailored solution following a thorough evaluation of the customer’s specific circumstances. That’s the message we’ll be looking to put across at MACH.”

Oemeta believes that by understanding the way a business uses coolant better, through learning what problems it faces, it can build relationships and solve problems more effectively. Armed with knowledge about the customer’s specific application and through its dedicated coolant laboratories, Oemeta can benchmark fluids, taking all the guesswork out of coolant selection. Excellent aftercare services such as technician site visits, employee training, and coolant monitoring options also available.

Alyson Pettefer concludes: “Even if you are happy with your current oils and coolants please come and visit our stand so we can give you an insight into the latest technologies that are entering the market, such as the latest ester technologies, mineral oil free coolants and speciality machining oils for lights out machining. We can advise on what to look out for and how they could significantly improve your processes.”

Oemeta UK
Hall 20, Stand 485

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