MACH 2024: Sodick targets mould market

Sodick Europe and UK distributor Sodi-Tech will exhibit new product innovations focused on the mould tool manufacturing sector on Stand 350 in Hall 20 at MACH 2024.

The company will introduce six machine tools with many of these innovations receiving their MACH exhibition premiere. For the injection mould and toolmaking industry, Sodick Europe and Sodi-Tech UK will unveil their new 30-tonne hydraulic hybrid GL30-LP injection moulding machine.

As a world-leading brand, Sodick will give MACH show premieres to the new VN600Q, the ALC600G iG+E precision wire-cut EDM with new iGroove+ technology and the UX450L linear motor driven machining centre.

Appearing alongside these MACH debutants will be the AD35L die sink EDM and the AL60G EDM die sink machine which will incorporate an Erowa Compact 80 robotic loading system with a Zeiss DuraMax measurement and probing system that will provide live demonstrations at the event.

The groundbreaking innovations will offer technology and productivity enhancements for every machine shop and toolmaking business. Nowhere at MACH will this be more evident than with the show premiere of the new GL30-LP injection moulding machine that is destined to be a crowd-pleaser for the injection mould segment – especially for manufacturers of small, complex and high-precision components.

Perfect for manufacturers in the medical, electronic and precision instrumentation sectors, the new GL30-LP is equipped with Sodick’s V-Line technology, direct pressure mould clamping and the new Total Servo Drive system. With so much technology packed into a small-footprint machine, the GL30-LP demonstrates exceptional stability, traceability and usability that combine with a host of advanced injection moulding functions to improve operational accuracy, productivity, performance and energy efficiency.

Injection VLine plunger on the Sodick GL30-LP injection mould machine
Injection VLine plunger on the Sodick GL30-LP injection mould machine

As with all Sodick injection moulding machines, the new GL30-LP is equipped with Sodick’s V-Line two-stage plunger injection system. This innovation separates the injection and plasticisation processes in one unit, resulting in extremely accurate, rapid and repeatable resin injection.

This suppresses outgassing, reduces fibre fracture and prevents backflow to provide high levels of performance, consistency and quality throughout the manufacturing process. V-Line technology also delivers excellent plasticisation and injection performance with high stability and reliability in the plasticisation process.

This contributes to accurate and highly repeatable resin injection while the hydraulic accumulator mechanism enables high-speed injection with dynamic responsiveness.

From a technical specification perspective, the GL30-LP has a compact footprint of just 3,150 x 1,030 x 1,679mm with a maximum clamping force of 294kN (392kN optional). The machine has a tie bar distance of 310 x 310mm with a minimum and maximum die height of 150 and 360mm respectively.

Capable of accommodating tools up to 200kg, the GL30-LP is available with three screw diameters of 14, 18 and 22mm. Depending upon the variant selected, manufacturers can achieve a maximum injection specific pressure (MPa) from 260 to 288 with an injection volume from 4.5 to 27cm³ and an injection rate by volume from 57 to 190cm³/second.

Sodick has three core principles for its moulding machines and the GL30-LP achieves these with its consistent plasticising heat profile, constant filling volume and constant holding pressure – all of which work in perfect harmony to achieve ultra-precise injection moulding results.

In addition, the mould open/close clamping mechanism adopts both an electronic system to achieve accurate positional control and a hydraulic mould clamping mechanism that ensures a repeatable and highly accurate clamping force.

With a direct pressure mould clamping system utilising the merits of the electro-hydraulic hybrid system, precision and repeatability are assured.

With manufacturers increasingly conscious of energy costs and carbon footprint, the new GL30-LP incorporates Sodick’s Total Servo Drive that provides even greater energy saving performance through electric servo motors for the hydraulic pump drive and the mould open/close and ejection mechanism.

Furthermore, the green efficiency credentials of the machine are enhanced by its quick start to production and improved ratio of crushed and recycled material and moulds.

Hall 20, Stand 350

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