Maintenance planning for the mobile era

In this article maintenance app developer Timly outlines the benefits of its software for production environments.

Employees and equipment are the major investments of every company. Effectively used and maintained equipment relieves the burden on employees and ensures greater safety and productivity.

Nowadays, it is not enough just to purchase and finance machines or tools. There are also numerous regulations and obligations for statutory accident insurance and occupational health and safety. These prescribe recurring inspections such as electrical checks, work equipment inspections or the general inspection of vehicles and machines.

In addition, there are maintenance and service checks that have to be carried out to guarantee the functionality and longevity of production machinery. Inspection and maintenance appointments that are missed or not planned in advance can quickly become expensive. Especially if machines are suddenly not available for work. Additionally inventories of equipment need to be recorded.

Inventory software with a maintenance planner such as Timly is suitable for managing all types of production inventory, from office equipment to tools and vehicles. Once entered, the inventory software data accompanies equipment throughout its entire working life. Upcoming maintenance and inspection dates can be stored and displayed to those responsible for maintenance in good time. The software also offers businesses other advantages.

Digital maintenance planners for devices, plant and machines contains numerous useful functions. It is essential that the data is centralised. In this way, planners have a complete and up-to-date overview of all equipment and its location at all times. In addition, all appointments and deadlines can be clearly displayed on a calendar. This facilitates planning when using the equipment. If desired, automated notifications of upcoming maintenance or inspection dates can also be sent to the person in charge.

A major advantage of a digital maintenance app is multi-user capability. Both management and shopfloor employees can access the data and records. For this purpose, the app can be installed on mobile devices. This guarantees an exchange of information in real time, for example when equipment has to be replaced at short notice or a defect occurs.

This flexibility is not possible with conventional lists or Excel tables. Another advantage is that most employees have access to a smartphone. All that is needed is an internet connection and the user has access to the stored data.

The use of the cloud is also advantageous. This guarantees that employees can also access data records while on the road, at customer sites or another workplace.

The use of QR codes stuck to production equipment also means it can be quickly scanned and related data accessed or recorded by a smartphone.

Dates for upcoming maintenance can be stored either on a rotational basis or according to flexible characteristics such as operating hours. Maintenance planners also have an authorisation management system giving protected access. In this way, service intervals can be centrally adjusted by maintenance managers. Additionally, employees can get an overview of upcoming maintenance or safety checks when they take over a machine. And if a breakdown occurs, they have the option of reporting it to the control centre via the app.

Repairs, maintenance and inspections carried out are recorded in the profile of each piece of equipment. Documents such as inspection records and checklists can also be stored. This ensures a traceable history and also simplifies the provision of records, for example, during an inspection by a trade supervisory body.

The software also enables a distinction to be made between work that is carried out by the company's own staff, such as cleaning and lubricating a machine and maintenance that has to be carried out by specialised staff or an external company. The corresponding work can be entered directly into the profile of the machine after it has been completed by the employee carrying out the work. This way, when a machine is taken over at the start of production it can be immediately verified that it is in working condition.

For all kinds of digital management of equipment inventory, the developers of Timly software and the app say it has proven its worth. Companies in the production industry are usually dependent on numerous machines, which may have many different service dates and requirements. In addition, inspections increase safety for employees and extend the service life of the heavily used machines.

Digital maintenance planners such as Timly create an easy workflow for the scheduling of maintenance for a large number of machines that would be almost impossible to manage otherwise by printed lists and paperwork. These digital maintenance schedulers therefore provide more efficiency and security for companies and also easily facilitate compliance with legal regulations.



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