The new toric carbide endmill has it all says Mikron

Mikron Tool has expanded its successful CrazyMill Cool P&S milling cutter family developed for roughing and finishing operations, with a toric version.

The new tool combines the strengths of milling and drilling and is designed for machining stainless steel, titanium, CoCr alloys and superalloys. Like its cylindrical predecessors, this drill/milling cutter can plunge perpendicularly into material up to 1xD and then continue machining laterally. It mills slots and pockets in the tightest of spaces – and when a corner radius is required, it is in its element. 

It is available in the diameter range of 1mm to 8mm in two variants:

Type A: 2.5xD CrazyMill Cool P&S Corner Radius, cutting length 2.5xD, Z3Type C: 5xD CrazyMill Cool P&S Corner Radius, cutting length 2xD, Z3

Long life, versatile tools with a wide range of applications and the capability of producing excellent surface finishes, CrazyMill Cool P&S milling cutters can mill holes, ramps, pockets, grooves and sides, excelling on difficult to machine materials.

In addition, impressive removal rates are possible thanks to high cutting and feed rates and an infeed (ae) of 1xD. The range starts from 1mm diameter.

Mikron Tool


Mikron Tool

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