Mills CNC has developed its own automated manufacturing cell

Mills CNC Automation has designed and developed its own SYNERGi automated manufacturing cells powered by proprietary software.

SYNERGi automated manufacturing cells are made in collaboration with a number of technical partners. The cells comprise either a Doosan lathe, a Doosan machining centre or a Doosan mill-turn machine integrated with a Fanuc robot, an innovative loading system, a powerful and intuitive HMI and integrated safety systems.

There is an obvious and direct correlation between SYNERGi automated manufacturing cells and Mills CNC’s pedigree in designing, developing and implementing productivity-enhancing turnkey and process improvement solutions for customers.

SYNERGi is the generic, brand name of Mills’ flexible, automated manufacturing cells. There are three different and distinct ‘product series’ in the SYNERGi automated manufacturing cell hierarchy: These are: SYNERGi Premier; SYNERGi Classic; SYNERGi Sprint.

The video above presents the first in the series, Premier, as part of a new marketing campaign to promote the new systems.

Mills CNC’s technical director, Tony Dale, said:

“We have invested significant time and resources in creating our SYNERGi automated manufacturing cells. The marketing campaign we have designed, like the cells themselves, is innovative and is in keeping with our ‘Like No-one Else’ brand proposition.

“As we emerge from the pandemic we know that automation, and the dramatic ways it can improve productivity, flexibility and operational efficiencies, is going to be an issue high on every component manufacturer’s agenda.

“Our SYNERGi systems, integrated with Doosan lathes, machining centres and mill-turn machines, take the complexity out of automation: they are easy to understand and use and, like the teaser ads we are using to launch them into the market, will appeal to a broad audience.”

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