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Mills CNC has introduced a new bridge-style vertical machining centre into the market.

The new Doosan BVM 5700 is a premium machine that, owing to its rigid design and build, delivers exceptional accuracies, inherent flexibility and machining performance and process reliability.

The machine’s stability is the foundation of its impressive performance. A rigid, thermally stable construction ensures that thermal deformation is minimised and, as a result, that high accuracies can be achieved irrespective of the materials being machined (i.e. titanium, stainless steels, aluminium etc.), or the machining process parameters employed.

The versatility of the BVM 5700, combined with its high accuracy credentials, make it an ideal machine for the mould tool and die, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and power generation sectors

“There is a tendency amongst some manufacturers to think that bridge-style machining centres are only for large part processing. This is not the case,” advises Mills CNC CEO Tony Dale.

“With the BVM 5700, Doosan have focused their efforts on creating a compact, powerful and highly rigid machine with a wide application potential and appeal. Irrespective of whether high material removal or super-fine finishing are required – the BVM 5700 delivers.”

The BVM 5700 is a high-performance machine with good-sized XYZ axis travels (1,050mm x 570mm x 460mm), and a well-proportioned worktable (1,300mm (L) x 570mm (W)) with a maximum 1,000kg table load.

The machine is a productivity powerhouse with excellent rapids (up to 42m/minute), fast acceleration/deceleration rates, and a 30/40 tool ATC with 1.3 second tool-to-tool changeover time.

The machine’s powerful, built-in BT40 spindle (37kW/15,000rpm) can generate 214Nm of torque and enables component manufacturers to ramp up speeds and feeds and take more aggressive depths of cut resulting in part cycle time reduction and improve lead-time fulfilment.

The BVM 5700 features the Big Plus dual contact face and taper spindle/tooling interface for achieving increased accuracies and superior surface finishes. To ensure and maintain these high results, especially over long machining runs and extended operations, the machine is equipped with a smart thermal compensation system comprising multiple sensors strategically positioned around the machine.

These sensors mitigate the effects of thermal growth, reducing the impact and effects of heat generated during the machining process on the machine’s structure and spindle system. The machine is equipped with the advanced Doosan Fanuc i Plus control with a 15” touchscreen and an intuitive and user-friendly iHMI that helps customers reduce time spent on job set ups and make the completion of other tasks such as machine monitoring, tool management and production planning faster and more efficient.

Other features include Doosan’s high efficiency grease lubrication system that helps cut annual lubrication maintenance costs by up to 60%.

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